Texas Nonsubscription

Our nonsub products provide indemnity for an employer's expenses under an ERISA employee welfare plan.  Employers appreciate their ability to exercise more control over claims cost and administration, as well as choice of medical providers.  Subject to a binding arbitration provision, these policies also provide defense and legal liability expense coverage for workplace injury-related litigation in both state court and in federal court.



News and Updates


Combined Group Participates in Community Outreach for Non-profit Animal Rescue

In 2012, Combined Group made a ten-year commitment to serve the community in various ways. We've had some great outreach opportunities the past two years, and we think this year is no exception!  For 2014, we are focusing our efforts on helping non-profit animal rescue organizations.

Our goals are to allow staff the ability to serve at his or her own desired level; involve our agents and vendors in support of the project; and to promote the well-being of our community.  Imagine what it will be like when we all step up to the challenge of making our community better for all!  Read More about what we are doing at Combined Group

Fundraiser:  Money will be raised to sponsor five dog runs at Operation Kindness in their Bear's Den building, which houses larger breeds (i.e. harder to adopt out). 

Our goal is to raise $5,000 and we need YOUR help!

Combined Group Releases New Exclusive Admitted Drycleaner Insurance Program

Combined Group Insurance Services, Inc. has released a new admitted drycleaners program they have branded FabriCareExpress.  The program is an exclusive wholesale program in Texas and is available in all states.

Dallas, TX July 9, 2014

Combined Group, a wholesaler of commercial insurance based in Dallas, Texas has released a new exclusive insurance program available for drycleaners, drycleaner plants, drycleaner receiving stations, commercial launderers, linen suppliers, uniform rental firms, coin-operated laundromats, self-service laundromats, & washaterias...Read More...